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Easy acronyms generation

22 February 2007 5:01 pm (latex | python)

At work, we needed a way to easily generate a list of acronyms of our documents, so I wrote an script ( that parses the acronyms in a specified LaTeX file and tries to find a description (specified as a nomencl definition) in the files (*.tex) located in a directory. The script will create two files: one with acronyms and their descriptions and the other with conflicts, that is, acronyms with no or duplicate description.

The following example is a sample of an acronyms list file. Note that the LaTeX document must use the nomencl package, since the acronyms are defined using the nomencl syntax.

\\nomenclature{ANSI}{American National Standards Institute}
\\nomenclature{API}{Application Programming Interface}

It is also possible to provide a list of words to be excluded in the exclude_acronyms.txt file, that must be located in the data directory by default (a different file can be specified using -x). For example:


It is easy to find words to be excluded because they will be treated as errors (and written to the errors file) as no definition is available for them.

Finally, it is possible to parse the input files recursively passing the -r argument. This will parse all the files included with \input.

A possible program call could be: -r -d ~/acronyms -i article.tex -o acronyms.tex \
                -e acronyms.errors

where the acronyms found in the article.tex file (and its dependencies) will be matched against the acronyms found in ~/acronyms/*.tex. The matched acronyms will be written to acronyms.tex and the errors in acronyms.errors. Now, you just need to include acronyms.tex in your document.

Update 2010/10/22: Check script updates in the new article More on easy acronyms generation.

Update 2007/02/23: GlossTeX does the same (and much more) but à la TeX way.

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