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Honeymoon and code poetry

26 May 2007 12:36 pm (history)

code poetryDuring my honeymoon in Egypt (yes, I got married three weeks ago!) I had the chance to visit the new Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Before the guided tour, we spent some time walking around the different exhibitions inside the library building. In one of them, I found a set of punch cards and the great thing is what I could read in them:

"It gives a feeling of completeness"

"A great code is probably as rare as diamonds"

"Like a good poem, there are levels of insight to be gained at each reading"

"Beautiful software reflects a profound understanding of the world in some way"

"Like a good lecture, it leaves me with a desire to use what I've just learned"

I don't know if this was a common behavior in the punch cards days or if people were used to it (if anyone knows I would be really interested in it). I found it really refreshing, it seems that in those days people loved what they were doing, they loved to write software.

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