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Baz 1.4.2 in Fink

3 January 2008 3:03 pm (fink | mac os x | version control)

Yes, Baz is deprecated, but we are still using it at work, so to make my life easier I have created the Fink package for the latest version (probably there won't be more). Download this file and, as usual, type:

$ tar zxvf baz-1.4.2-fink.tar.gz
$ sudo cp baz-1.4.2-fink/*
$ fink index; fink rebuild baz; fink install baz

Baz depends on some cryptographic libraries (gpgme, libgcrypt and libgpg-error). The updated packages are also included (until updated in Fink) in the provided file.

Please, note that when the official Baz Fink package is updated you will have to remove your local copy (from /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo/).

Update 2008/04/28: All cryptographic library dependencies are now in Fink, so now this package only contains Baz files.

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