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More on easy acronyms generation

22 October 2010 5:59 am (latex | python)

About four years ago I posted an article about easy acronyms generation in LaTeX. Yesterday, I did some updates to the script ( that I wanted to share with you (if anyone is reading...). Basically, the updates are:

  • A user defined acronyms file can be specified via the -u argument. User defined acronyms take precedence over global acronyms definition.

  • Global excluded acronyms file has been removed. Now, the user must define acronyms to be excluded in the user defined acronyms file as an empty acronym. For example:


    Then, the definition of GHH will not be included in the list of acronyms.

  • To facilitate the read of acronyms conflicts, it is now specified if the conflict is because of a "Duplicated", "Undefined" or "Excluded" acronym.

So, the script is called as before but a new optional argument -u can be specified for the user defined acronyms file: [-r] -d /path/to/acronyms \
                -i article.tex \
                [-u user_acronyms.tex] \
                -o acronyms.tex \
                -e acronyms.errors

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