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10 January 2011 1:24 am (tekuti | guile)

Lately, I've been hacking new features for tekuti, the blogging software that's running this site. tekuti is written in Scheme (GNU Guile), so I had no more excuses to start hacking on it.

Blah, blah, blah... but what have you done? Nothing really impressive, indeed, but quite useful for my needs:

  • Support for deleting posts. As tekuti is based on git, it's easy to recover them for free. And you don't need to spell any git command, tekuti admin interface can help you here.

  • Support for deleting post comments. This is useful if undesired spam gets in your site.

  • Support for custom user templates. Before, there was only one template. Now, it is possible to add multiple templates and choose your desired one from the configuration file (via the *template-module* variable).

  • Configure widgets on the sidebar. You can now configure the widgets you want to appear in your blog sidebar. Mine, looks like this:

    (set! *main-sidebar-widgets* '(subscribe search tag-list))
    (set! *post-sidebar-widgets* '(subscribe related))

    Available widgets are: subscribe, search, related, tag-cloud, tag-list.

  • Support Movable Type API. This means it is now possible to use your favorite blog editor and post or edit your tekuti articles. You need to configure tekuti as a Movable Type blog. The XMLRPC endpoint is In fact, some MetaWeblog and Blogger methods have been also implemented. This is the list of supported methods:

    • metaWeblog.newPost

    • metaWeblog.getPost

    • metaWeblog.editPost

    • metaWeblog.getRecentPosts

    • metaWeblog.getCategories

    • mt.setPostCategories

    • mt.getPostCategories

    • mt.getCategoryList

    • blogger.getUsersBlogs

    • blogger.deletePost

    For this to work, I have created a reusable XMLRPC library for guile. More on this in next post.

These hacks are not yet available in tekuti's master, so you can get them from my branch:

git clone git://

Happy new year and happy hacking!

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